Also known as peanuts or peanut ground is actually a plant of the legume (Fabaceae)
also known as crop survivor and knows ... Sesame is also known as the crop survivor

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We take care of our products from the initial stages and quality methods and the use of technology in production

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Our products are organic Antahaa quality guarantee and check safety and consumer safety is what puts us at the top


Our products are an important feature that allows the recycling and the use of a new product

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All phases of plant products from the farm and the consumer cycle tells a story of quality used methods of telling the story to the world

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Gum Arabic $45.00 each
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Every day The company is working for is to achieve quality in products

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Group of companies of Abdelrahman Ibnoaf co ltd and Abdelrahman Ibnoaf medical supplies manufacture – ABI International – Medical Cotton Factory are the result of 12 years of experience within the medical field and marketing activities. Established in 2003, as privet sector.

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