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Cotton plants from the tropics, and the plant is a small shrub requires RIA well and fertile soil to grow well for cotton produces a high degree of quality. [1]
Cotton is the main crop is not between Alsellalozih crops, but also between the various crops that are raw materials used in yarns and fabrics industries, Vmahsol amount of cotton as we have already mentioned about 75% of the total amount of various crops.
Cotton perennial plant. It was imperative for the cultivation of cotton soil and atmosphere private benefit. Each type of cotton requires special circumstances, such as air and soil much money suitable for other types.
Long a staple cotton quality cotton in the world, where there is a softness, durability and homogeneity and the length of staple, and is exported to many countries
It is genetically modified cotton as a result of technological development in the nineties and who had an implicit impact on reducing production costs and thereby increase productivity of the early adopters of this technology. Cotton axis types of genetically engineered to have cotton Bt this type of cotton containing one or more of the genes derived from the bacterium Bacillus thuringienis, these bacteria are found in soil and its production of a protein feature crystal-like him the ability to kill a group of insects that are found in soil and some neighborhoods other, so the cotton, which introduced him these genes become capable of producing the active protein in the killing of some of the more insect larvae harm to cotton, such as tobacco larvae, budworms and bollworms as the total cost of the control of these insects and losses that occur on cotton production in excess $ 300 million a year.

Bt cotton and can indirectly reduce general abundance of some beneficial insects
Comparative advantage for the production of cotton in the Sudan:
Come comparative advantage for the production of cotton in the Sudan to the following:
1-appropriate climate for the production of cotton
2-abundant land
3-high quality of the Cottons.
Competitive advantage :
1 high quality of the Sudanese Cottons.
2 possibility of scarcity of production times of the year.

Of the most important uses of cotton, it is the industry Almlabs- medical cotton and other industry, in addition to what is extracted from its seed of oil, and feed the animal.
Cotton is divided according to the length Talth into three types:
(A) cotton Gosairaletilh: He Talth least the length of an inch, and is usually coarse texture a little flexibility.
(B) the average staple cotton: The length Talth between inches.
(C) long-staple cotton: It is increasing along Talth inch. This type is the best and most types of cotton quality.
Cotton needs to grow economically to certain climatic conditions, including: -
(A) the mean temperature of not less than 18 m.
(B) the atmosphere warm and sunny.
(C) requires the amount of rain ranging from (60. .110) cm per year.
(D) needs to be fertile black soil rich in organic matter.
(E) separating growth ranges between 100 to 180 days.

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