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Gum Arabic is a kind of natural secretions of gum, also known as acacia gum is a complex mixture of sugars and glycoprotein is mainly used in the stability of the food industry. Gum Arabic is the product of these two types of acacia, Acacia Senegal and Acacia Sial.

Sudan, the largest producer of gum arabic, with more than 75% of the supply of Senegalese class which is the best quality. It found acacia tree in dry areas of the country such as Darfur and Kordofan.

Essential uses of gum arabic:

Sweets (chocolate and gum).
     Beverages (soft drinks)
     Stabilizing agent dairy frozen desserts, etc.
     Nutrition (dietary fiber)
     The medical industry (capsules shells)
     Production paint

Types and degrees of gum arabic

First Class: Acacia

Acacia is also known glue prone to flake or slave because of the possibility of its transformation into powder is a solid yellow slash brown color and is soluble in water

The general characteristics of clustered:

   Detergent and softener: 4 mm and above
   Sifter: 0.5 mm - 4 mm
   Dust: 0 - 0.5 mm
Sizes available for export:

   Detergent and softener: 4 mm and above
   Sifter: 0.5 mm - 4 mm
   Dust: 0 - 0.5 mm

   In 50 kilo bags Plastics Corp.
   20 feet container carrying 22 tonnes of gum arabic

Secand  Class: Acacia

Acacia, also known as gum hard to be configured similarities glass, a pale tends to solid material ranging in color from orange and brown, also consists Hashab than 85% of dietary soluble fiber is also known for many uses, such as the stability of emulsions drinks and food.
General characteristics of the gum Acacia:

   That is Aguettafh hand: 16 mm and above.
   Detergent and softener: 5 mm - 16 mm
   Grained: 0.5 mm - 5 mm
   Dust: 0.5 mm
Sizes available for export:

  1 mm and above
    Dust: 0.5 mm or less

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